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It was lovely to meet you Adam & Christene. The passion & pride you have in your business was infectious. 

You conveyed that you would like to invest in marketing strategies and would like to harness the power of video content to communicate with a wider audience.

The aim of embarking on this strategy is to build potential leads for when this current busy period.

You currently have three channels of social media:





The aim of this strategy is to produce regular high quality content across these channels to attract a bigger audience and a higher level of engagement.


A Video & Photographic Content Creation Strategy Proposal



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Ideas for Content

We spoke about many ideas for content, and I'm sure more will come up. To highlight the potential ideas for content we spoke about:

* Documenting builds

          - A beginning stage for each build, for example the slab pour

          - A middle stage for each build

          - Comprehensive photos and video of completed property

* Client Testimonials

* Videos to enhance the perception of being leaders in the field

* Promotional video for website, also shared across all channels

* Getting to know the core team of the business

* Documenting any community/ philanthropy the business is involved in

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